The Whatsapp has a change that you may not have had to see in a messaging app before. Yes, Whatsapp is going to give you an opportunity to choose a new app icon very soon. A new beta version for Whatsapp...
Chinese company Huawei is about to introduce its new flagship phone p20 (3 mobiles of this series) at the end of the month, but now after the new leak comes out, now the device seems to have come to...
After Facebook and Google, Microsoft has now introduced its new calling version to make its video calling app Skype a part of cheap Android smartphones. Microsoft has introduced a new Skype version for Android phones, and according to the company,...
At last, Facebook-owned Application Instagram has also introduced the feature of last active. Now you can check the last active time of the user in the Direct Message section. This feature is already been used by many other chat applications...
Samsung has decided to follow the Apple's footstep for the first time and has decided to make a significant change in its flagship Galaxy S series, which might be a shock for Samsung consumers. According to Forbes mentioned in their...
If you use the WhatsApp, then you should know that millions of users around the world will lose access to this app at the end of this month. Yes, WhatsApp will no longer be able to work on multiple phones,...
In this era of social media, technology producing companies are busy in producing new features and technologies day by day. Recently, where Facebook had bought the famous applications, there is a news that 'Apple', which manufactured smartphone and other smart devices,...
The number of users of the world's most popular Messenger Whatsapp is more than one billion thirty million, and most of them love to chat in groups. However, now there will be a feature in the Whatsapp, which you can...
After so many years of success, Snapchat has redesigned its app and introduce the News Feed feature in the application. Announcing the biggest change in this application of the six-year, the algorithm-based news feed was presented for which the company...
In a news agency in China, the supply chain sources were told that Apple plans to introduce the latest version of its small iPhone SE to the beginning of the next year. The report further states that this phone can...

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