Facebook has announced the introduction of new privacy controls for more than 2 billion users, according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it will apply to 25. The Facebook will be asked to review the privacy option...
The news of Facebook data leaked was not over yet, another research that disturbing Internet users came out. If you feel that your personal data is just leaking from Facebook, let's know that many apps can also be dangerous for...
During the last few weeks, Facebook has been severely criticized for use of consumer' data (Cambridge Analytica Scandal) and call data of Android users, and now another problem has been erected for them. Now it has revealed that the Facebook scans...
Facebook is the world's most popular social networking website, which uses millions of people daily to chat with each other directly through this social network, but there is a problem that if a message goes wrong It is not...
In the various conflicts, the world's most popular social networking website, Facebook has ended its easy feature of finding friends on its site. Since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal from Facebook, steps are being taken to win the consumer's confidence, and...
Facebook has introduced a feature for users of Pakistan that they will definitely like because another person will not be able to steal their profile pictures for any purpose. Yes, Facebook is introducing new tools in Pakistan, with which users...
If you want to be a 'special person' in the world of social media, the good news is that Twitter has promised to make the blue-tapping process very simple on the general consumer accounts. Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey revealed during...
After Facebook and Google, Microsoft has now introduced its new calling version to make its video calling app Skype a part of cheap Android smartphones. Microsoft has introduced a new Skype version for Android phones, and according to the company,...
If you use the WhatsApp, then you should know that millions of users around the world will lose access to this app at the end of this month. Yes, WhatsApp will no longer be able to work on multiple phones,...
In this era of social media, technology producing companies are busy in producing new features and technologies day by day. Recently, where Facebook had bought the famous applications, there is a news that 'Apple', which manufactured smartphone and other smart devices,...

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