Another famous name of Pakistan Showbiz Industry is leaving the world of Entertainment. Before Aisha Khan got married and left showbiz. This is the second time during this month in the industry, the famous actress of drama serial  "Mehandi" Fiza...
Dubai: The famous Indian actor, Sri Devi died in a Dubai at the age of 54 years after a sudden heart attack. According to Indian media, at the spot of Sridevi's death, she was with her husband Boney Kapoor...
Google announced its annual list at the end of the year for the whole world and has also released a list of favourite searches of Pakistani people in the world. It might be difficult for you to believe, but the...
YouTube has released the list of the most popular videos worldwide in 2017. This list is divided into top-tendering and top music categories, and their choice was monitored by views, likes, comments, shares and other factors. These 10 videos included...
As we know that Mahira Khan is one of the top model and actress in Pakistan who started her life from accountant to Pakistan Showbiz Industry then from Lollywood to Bollywood is nowadays get caught in a mysterious act. On...
Sanam Baloch is counted in one of the cutest actresses in Pakistan. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan on 14 July 1986. After completing her studies she joined the KTV where she was VJ of a television show. Sanam Baloch showed...
A woman is a symbol of beauty, no doubt, but Pakistani women are always known as the most beautiful women in Asia. They have attractive facial features that enhance their personality very well. Every woman has an ability to...
Do you know who was Napoleon Bonaparte? Do you know what has made him so different from rest of the leaders? Napoleon Bonaparte was reputably known as the top most famous French military and political leader. He made himself...
There are so many people in the history who are not alive but still remains in the heart of everyone. Some of them are remembered due to their good deeds and some are for bad one. But their names...
Do you know that who have been the most important people in history which the world ever witnessed? In the past era of the history if you turn back the pages you will be finding with so many persons...

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