Barack Obama and His Wife Will Host Netflix Show

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Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama discovered a new job a year after leaving the White House.

Although the book based on Michelle Obama’s memories will be published this year too.¬†However, before the Middle East elections and the book’s publication in the US, both the husband and wife searched for a new job.

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It is reported that former American President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama will prepare the show of the famous internet entertainment service ‘Netflix’.

Yes, according to news agency ‘Associated Press’ (AP), Barack Obama and his wife will prepare Talk and Realty shows for Netflix.

Referring to the news of the New York Times in its news, the news agency said that soon the former American President will appear to showcase production for Netflix, including his wife.

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It is not yet clear that Barack Obama and his wife will produce what shows for Netflix, but they are likely to prepare high-profile political shows.

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Immediately it could not be ascertained how long the shows made by former American President and his wife would be ready and how many episodes will be made on their Netflix.

In this context, when news agency talked to the Barack Obama’s spokesperson Katy Hill, they disagree with saying something on this matter.

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Apart from this, Netflix did not release any statement immediately and neither did they express theirs proved to talk about this issue.

However, Barack Obama’s senior advisor Eric Shelter says that former American President and his wife always think of the power to convey stories and encourage others.

It is believed that Barack Obama will partner with his wife to prepare a political talk show or a reality show, which will invite the influential leaders including discussing global political relations.

It is also said that Barack Obama will immediately avoid US President Donald Trump or be criticizing them.


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