Hira Iqbal

  • Top 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World

    Have you ever thought about visiting the dangerous places in the world? Well if you will be looking around on the planet you will go to catch with so many such countries and nations whose crime and the killing rate is much high as compare to rest of the countries. When you plan a trip […]

  • 10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know

    Pompeii is known out to be one of the oldest and hence one of the vast archaeological sites in the place of southern Italy‚Äôs Campania region. This city was discovered in the 79 AD and hence since that time it is known as one of the sophisticated Roman city. Pompeii was buried within the coverage […]

  • 10 Worst Major Earthquakes In The World

    Among so many natural disasters in the world, earthquake is one of the most horrible and dangerous disasters. This is the natural disaster that brings along with it great sum of damage. It would not be wrong to say that it change the whole picture of the country on a great scale. If you will […]

  • 10 Most Important People In History Ever Seen

    Do you know that who have been the most important people in history which the world ever witnessed? In the past era of the history if you turn back the pages you will be finding with so many persons who have given their lives off just for the success of their nation. They fight for […]

  • 10 Most Expensive And Huge Mansions In The World

    Have you ever thought that how would your dream houses will look alike? Did you ever bring a thought in mind that the houses in the cartoon royal movies and castles can be in reality life too? Well if you think it impossible then let us make it possible for you! Yes you heard it […]

  • 10 Beautiful Ocean Creatures In The World

    Do you know that which one of the ocean creatures in the world have been named up to be beautiful looking? Well we all know that God has blessed this whole universe with such breath-taking views and nature scenes that made the people to forget about the whole world. But at the same side there […]

  • 10 Astonishing Futuristic Technologies That Will Never Exist

    Almost all of you love to watch the science based fiction films. The best part of such films is the use of interesting and amazing science based technologies that is impossible to imagine in this world. Most of the people do think that how these technologies going to work if they do exist in this […]

  • 10 Top Suicide Rates By Country

    Currently in the society the rate of the suicides is getting maximum high among the people. Normally the suicide tasks are much performed by the students who are mature or at a teenage level. There are certain facts that lead the person to the thought of committing the suicide such as mental disorder or some […]

  • 10 Famous Robots Ever Seen In Movies

    Have you ever watched the robot films? Well these days more and more people are conscious about watching the films that are based on horror and action. There are so many films that have been based on the idea of the robots. The main reason to showcase the films on robots is that by these […]

  • 12 Summer Bridal Hairstyles For Women

    We are sharing 12 summer bridal hairstyles for brides. In the summer season the hairstyles do come up with variety of changes and styles that definitely confuses the brides that which one of the hairstyle will going to stand out impressive for their personality. Just like sudden changes in the fashion trends of wedding dresses […]

  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Brunettes In The World

    Did you ever try with brunettes over your personality? Well these days the trend of brunettes look is getting vast famous and demanding among the women and especially teenage girls. The trend of brunettes was for the first time started from the world of celebrities and now it has taken place among the common women. […]

  • 10 Popular Conspiracy Theories In The World

    Well we all are fully aware from the fact right from the beginning of the secret alien spaceship landings and till the point of the Presidential assassinations in each single condition the conspiracy was taking place. No doubt that whatsoever event was taking place in each single occasion there was some conspiracy in the history. […]