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I'm professionally a Stock & Indices Trader, Blogging is part of my life which was developed in 2006, I'm also a web developer, entrepreneur and Internet Marketer.

  • Sanam Baloch Spotted

    Sanam Baloch Spotted At Her Cousin’s Wedding – Beautiful Pictures

    Sanam Baloch Spotted At Her Cousin’s Wedding in Karachi. For the complete details, you can read the post below. Sanam Baloch is one of the famous actress and a host in Pakistan. She is currently working on lots of drama serials. Baloch is a very social person habitually. She recently spotted at her cousin’s wedding […]

  • Affan Waheed Divorce

    Affan Waheed Announced His Divorce Today

    Affan Waheed Divorce has been announced and now he is single. Affan Waheed was born on 29 September 1984 in Lahore, Pakistan. Waheed is one of the skilled actors in Pakistan showbiz industry. He was recently married to a gorgeous lady on 28th of May but we are sad to report it here that today he […]

  • Trackreps - Track Your Representative's Performance in KP

    KP Students Launched This amazing App To Track MPA’s Performance

    Now, tracking the MNA’s and MPA’s records and performance is easy for KPK citizens. KPK’s students from various universities and education sector have developed a mobile application TrackReps which will track the performance and records of your area’s MNA or MPA. This Application is developed by the students of KPK and they introduced this APP […]

  • Zong Internet Packages

    Zong Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bundles

    Zong (زونگ‎) also known as China Mobile Pakistan cellular network company which is founded in 2008. The headquarter of CMPak is in Islamabad. Zong is currently offering internet or data service and voice call service according to postpaid and prepaid plans. Zong has a 2G, 3G and 4G services in Pakistan. Zong is the first […]

  • Top 10 Best Netflix Shows And Series

    Top 10 Best Netflix Shows And Series (Last Updated June 2017)

    Netflix one of the popular service of streaming TV Shows and movies. There are 100’s of movies and TV Shows listed on Netflix. From action to thrill, and horror to drama genre you can find lots of TV Series and Movies on Netflix. In this article, I am going to share a top 19 Netflix […]

  • Best Airlines in Pakistan

    Top 10 Best Airlines in Pakistan

    In Pakistan a large number of airlines operate, both low cost and regular, and all offer routes throughout the continent. The most popular trips are usually made by more than one airline, so it is always best to compare the different options to find the cheapest flight. The study analyses which aspects are the most […]

  • Wedding Banquets in Lahore - locations, addresses, contacts

    Top 10 Wedding Banquets in Lahore

    Are you starting to organise your wedding and do not have much money to spend? The wedding banquet is one of the biggest expenses of this and more if you have many guests. There are ways to make this feast much cheaper. In this post, we give you Top 10 Best Wedding Banquets in Lahore […]

  • Pakistan Embassy in USA

    Top 10 Pakistan Embassy Around the World

    What is an Embassy or Consulate? The Embassies and Consulates of Pakistan are Pakistani offices that represent the Government of Pakistan abroad and depend on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The embassies attend in particular the political relationship with the State and Government in which they are located and, within the different sections of which […]

  • Top Banquet In Karachi

    Top 10 Wedding Banquets in Karachi

    The wedding reception is the moment where you celebrate with your family and friends the recent union. Surprise your guests with an elegant and beautiful arrangement, with a delicious meal and elegance environment. To enjoy! What is your wish? Shake the wand and done, wish granted! So easy and simple can be to choose the […]