Audi A8 4th Generation Launched in Pakistan – What’s New

Audi A8 4th Generation

There are 40 different support systems installed in the new Audi A8, 4 separate systems provide the information. Audi has introduced its 4th generation A8 car in the market and this time the company has done something out of its tradition. According to Audi’s test driver, we know lock and unlock the car with electronic keys, but now the keys are replaced by a smartphone. Now other people will also be able to use the vehicle, whether there is any spouse or child, or even if there need delivery services in the future, where the order will be directly sent to the car.

With the help of radar sensors, front cameras, ultrasound sensors and laser scanners, the full-fledged image of the car will be captured. If you look at the back of the car you will find lightening designs but as well as the newly designed number plate.

Audi A8 4th Generation Launched in Pakistan

Audi A8 4th Generation

Audi test driver tells that Audi A8 has 3-litre V-6 and the 55 TFSI Quattro engine, this gasoline-powered vehicle produces 340 horsepower, but due to hybridization, or electro-mobility, Audi doesn’t write the engine size on their cars. He said that the numbers show the performance of the car, small numbers show non-affected and large numbers show better performance, the figure was initially implemented in the Chinese market.

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Regarding Audi, he said that you will be able to choose one of the 210kW diesel models or a strong gasoline model of 250 kW. Due to the healthy hybrid technology fuel consumption has dropped from 7 litres per 100 km. Between 55 to 160 kilometres per hour, this vehicle can run its engine for 40 seconds without any fuel consumption.

Despite the length of the Audi A8, it can be easily run on complicated routes, due to the dynamic all-wheel steering, you won’t be able to judge the length of this car.

According to the test driver, with this steering, you can set up separate steering angles on the front and back axels more than 5.17-meters. Along with that, this vehicle has been designed on an Intelligent Active Chassis, not only that but also the presence 360-degree system increase the safety.

Audi A8 4th Generation

The new Audi A8 is an ideal model, in case of a crash, it lifts up to 80 mm itself before the crash. Regarding that, Audi’s test driver said that the Headerest inside the car has been adjusted well and the seat belts have been quite tight as well, Really we have used very new safety technologies in Audi A8.

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The sensors mounted in the car detect every movement of the surrounding, A8 is very careful about the car drivers on the worst roads. The monitoring system also holds another key feature that if any motorcycle is coming from the back, it does not allow you to open the door, this system works at the four doors of the vehicle.

Audi test driver tells that this car can also look at all four sides, with the help of Inter Section Censors, you would already know that which vehicles are coming to you, You can see the motorcycle on the display screen before its coming and if the car driver doesn’t show any action on this situation then the car engine will be stopped automatically.

Vehicle assistant systems are quite impressive, so the company hopes Audi will install such systems in other models. A8 price in Germany starts with 90,000 euros. In the extra 3,500 euro you can get a large wheelbase and the next year, the plug-in hybrid will be available with this healthy hybrid model.


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