Apple Bought Music Search Application ‘Shazam’

Apple Bought Music Search Application 'Shazam'

In this era of social media, technology producing companies are busy in producing new features and technologies day by day. Recently, where Facebook had bought the famous applications, there is a news that ‘Apple’, which manufactured smartphone and other smart devices, also purchased the famous Music Search app ‘Shazam’.

Although Apple or Shazam did not confirm the deal right now, however, many technology websites have claimed that the US company purchased the Music Search application from Britain.

Apple and Shazam Merged

According to Tech Crunch ‘Apple’ bought ‘Shazam’ from the US $ 30 million (Rs 30 to 40 billion in Pakistan). The purchase agreement has been fixed between the two companies. However, the formal signature on the contract is likely to be coming next week.

The news is that both companies will announce this deal officially on 11 December. It is believed that ‘Shazam’ also works on the desktop including Mobile, this application helps to find any music video, TV drama, advertisement or movie as soon as possible.

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This application works like a search engine, however, the app claims that it can not just find videos, but also images, audios, pictures, 3D, animated and visual effects.

According to a report, one billion songs, drama, advertisements and other things were downloaded from ‘Shazam’ last year. After purchasing this application, Apple is expected to add this application in its system. The idea is that through ‘Shazam’ Apple will use music iTunes, archive systems and other features in Apple phones.


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