A Big Change For The First Time In The Whatsapp

The Whatsapp has a change that you may not have had to see in a messaging app before. Yes, Whatsapp is going to give you an opportunity to choose a new app icon very soon. A new beta version for Whatsapp Android has been given adoptive icon support in which users can change the application icon mask.

Photo Credit: moneylife.in

This change will not change the icon but its border shape can be changed and it will be displayed, round, and 3 other designs. The iconic background will be green, while different sizes of a mask will be available. If you want this feature, then you will need to become a part of the Whatsapp beta program on Google Play store and yes, this feature will be working on Android U phones currently.

Other features are being tested in the beta version by the Whatsapp, such as voice recording being updated and no icon will be given an opportunity to record sound, just have to tap on the micro button.

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Likewise, the delivery date of Whatsapp in the app is going to be more than 7 minutes to an hour. The new feature for identifying and blocking spam messages is also being done by the Whatsapp.

Stickers Pack is also being expanded and it is possible that Stickers Packs like Messenger can be introduced in this application.

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