2018 Audi A6 Sport Coming To Pakistan – Complete Information

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Before a few days ago from Official World Premiere on the big stage of Geneva Motor Show, Audi introduced its new model A6.

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Designer Wolf Seebers explains that Audi decided to make the most sporty A6 car ever.

He says that Audi wanted to keep all the latest features of the previous model in its new car, with all of the most important features, but also a completely new style design.

Car Outdoor Design

Seebers told about the new designs of the next part of the car that each and every one of Audi’s identities and the identification of a single frame grille is clearly spot and wide in this car, so the new A6 model looks more sporty.

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He says headlights and backlights are given an especially three dynamic design, while the chrome bar and the back side make the car according to more aerodynamic principles.

Car Power

Wolf Seebers told that the initially the A6 model will be available with 4 different engines, which includes the first 250 kW V6 TFSI engine. After which Cylindrical Turbo is a Charged diesel engine, which can provide a capacity of 170 KW and 210 KW.

He said all the engineers come with a Quatro 4 wheel drive system and auto-metal transmission, while the 4-cylinder diesel engine with the smallest front wheel drive in the car will be available.

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Audi’s Representative Renald Lassowski calls it the perfect match of all engines, he adds that the objective of adding automotive transmission to the vehicle is to get better results.

Audi made new changes in transmissions and the previous excel differential of the vehicle so that the carbon dioxide emissions were minimized.

According to Renald Lassowski, you can choose one of 2 automotive transmissions. Either choose the classic tower converter for the Newton Meter torque engine of 500 or more or just choose the new dual clutch transmission for front wheel drives, which serves as automotive for Quatro ultra. While this transmission is for the 500 Newton Meter torque or fewer torque engines.

He also said that one of the advanced technological features included in the A6 is also that the car can be unlocked with the help of a smartphone.

In this regard, Renald Lassowski further said that the vehicle identifies the phone and loads preference of driver from a smartphone.

Car Interior

A6 has been made in many ways before the model A8 style, especially its royal and sophisticated indoor and front area pointing out.

Audi’s Luisa Schmidbauer says that every car has 2 monitors, upper and lower displays are 8.6 inches, with high trim lines, the upper display size is 10.1 inches.

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Luisa Schmidbauer added that there are no buttons in the car due to these 2 screens, so drivers and passengers can now do everything with the touchscreen, thus it is an active operating concept that includes both touching and audio feedbacks, that’s way, with vibrant or audio signals, drivers get more flexibility.

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She said that when she presses a control, minor voice or audio signals confirm the control she has chosen so that multimedia can be easily used without taking a look at the driving.

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Regarding the system, Luisa Schmidbauer added that this system can also be used with the help of sound while the address on the screen pad can be registered.


Luisa Schmidbauer said that such a dynamic and working in a glimpse is the identification of handwritten words featuring (handwriting recognition). For example, if you have to go to Germany’s Berlin, just write a Berlin on the screen and the car will guide itself to Berlin.

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She tells that Audi knows that it is not easy to write something during driving, so it was necessary to make the system even more dynamic. The driver in the car can write the second letter above one, and the system itself will find your desired address.

It is clear that the price of new Audi A6 in Germany starts with 44,000 euros.


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