1 Bitcoin Worth More Than 20 Tola Gold


The cyber versus currency exchange cost has exceeded the first time of $ 9,000 and during the last 24 hours, the increase in its value has increased by 6 percent. Interestingly, this internet currency had set an $ 8,000 milestone on November 20, while the first time at the beginning of the month was touched 7,000 dollars. Bitcoin crossed $ 4,000 for the first time in August, in the first half of October and then $ 6,000, and now it looks like a digital gold in place of digital currency that they think It may be beneficial in the future.

The price of one unit or a coin has reached 9143 (more than 9 lakh 61 thousand Pakistani rupees). That means you can buy 1 bitcoin from 20 tolas gold. The total value of all the coins has exceeded $ 152 billion. It was said earlier that this currency will cross $ 10,000 at the end of the year, but by looking at the current pace, it can be said that it can reach 12 to 15 thousand dollars at the end of 2017, that’s why Now those big institutions are now ready to invest in it.

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During this year, the value of bitcoin has increased by hundreds of millions, due to which major companies have to adopt it and people have more awareness. It is believed that at the beginning of 2017 a bitcoin could be purchased in just 966 dollars.


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